The project is based on studying of subconscious mentations and interrelation with archetypical images. My task was to tune to given subject and to design the method of images’ creation documenting these processes.

Rorschach’s theory  was taken as the base for this method. In the concept of my  project it is studying of interpretation of  abstract images’ system for concrete periods in  the practice of working with subconsciousness. Working directly with material I was studying influence of conscious and subconscious motivations on micro-motions of the body in the process of making abstract forms. Here my research refers to Pollock’s concept and his “action painting”.  In a sense I see the similar concept in ancient rites of prophecy, where the contact between a creator and a mediator establishes the connection « subconsciousness – body». Translating the common sense into modern language I can say that the painter’s (creator’s) body passes the impulse to the material exposing inner work of subconsciousness in abstract form.

Rorschach noted the connection between dreams and the images seen in the blots. In my case I use my blots to reveal images and to discover the direct connection with dreams. Here my role as a painter and as a mediator is to make a

transparent image…like a spiritualist…to reveal it into our world.