I am an artist working at the junction of abstraction and surrealism. This is true not only with regard to my style of painting, but also relates to the topic of my research.
Lucid dreaming and diffusion materials. States of consciousness at the time of transition between sleep and reality. Paint conditions and various effects on it.

I am inclined to believe that any picture is a manifestation of a phenomenon seeking a way of broadcasting into the material world.
Thus the original idea takes several stages of transformation before to form a finished painting. It is like the movement of images, through the plots of dreams, to the surface to everyday consciousness.

Using academic education and techniques as a base, I am free to speak to such a technique as airbrush, monotype, liquid acrylic, masking.
In many ways, inclined to the synthesis of ideas and technologies, I deliberately introduce myself into the field of experiment.

Practicing techniques contributing to lucid dreaming, I fix my experience and understanding in the form of paintings. The main technique is to create an abstract form in the form of a blot or a paint print, followed by a "manifestation" of a specific image using a set of techniques.


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